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The Amp

The Trillium Amplifier.

The first chassis offerered by Trillium Amplifier Company. It is first and foremost studio and stage-ready with peerless fidelity and sonic substance. Designed with the input of dozens of musicians and hundreds of hours of bench time, the chassis is feather-light, noise-free, and more efficient than any other Class A amplifier available. We've worked hard to design an amplifier that more accurately reproduces the guitar than any other on the market today.


The heart and soul of the amplifier is the proprietary Transflux Power Module (TFPM) designed by  an audio/electrical engineer. This component, in combination with the unique circuitry design, allows the amp to offer an audiophile-quality signal-to-noise ratio of -65db while pumping out 7 watts of true single-ended, "Class A" power. The TFPM™ is a regulated power supply, so voltage is constant at all times with no significant fluxuations. Simply put, the amplifier produces virtually none of the audible hum or buzz normally associated with tube amps and will have more available dynamic range than  any other amp we've found.


Our chassis uses a proprietary bias system that is always in-phase with itself, making your guitar sound fuller and richer than ever before. This "agile" biasing system can safely handle a variety of preamp tubes (12AT7, 5751, ECC83, 12AX7) as well as power tubes (6L6 or 6V6). These changes can be made on the fly, without modification or re-biasing of the circuit.  Varying the combination of tubes will substantially change the character, response, and available headroom of the amplifier. Because our bias is frequency independent, complex chords and voicings will not sound muddy.


The design of the circuit gives you what we call SaglessResponse™  and a detailed articulation of your guitar’s signal. The amplifier is sensitive to even the most subtle nuances in your playing style as well as different types of guitar pickups. With no sag, the amplifier is free to replicate precisely what you play. In addition, the amp’s exceptionally wide “sweet spot” will allow you to create unparalleled tonal shading. Unlike other amplifiers that clog up the signal path with too many bells and whistles, the Trillium Amp will make each of your electric guitars sound unique.


All these features interconnect to make an amplifier that is ideal for miking in the studio or on stage as well as being enjoyed in your home or office. You’ll spend less time tweaking and more time enjoying the perfect tone you long for!

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