Custom Series

Trillium Amplifier Custom Series Sky Blue

With nine classic colors and an optional distressed finish package, the Custom Series blends 50s guitar colors with the performance and craftsmanship of our Standard Series amplifiers.

  • Solid tonewoods with dovetail joinery
  • Two-tone finish with nine custom colors
  • optional no-charge distressed finish and hardware.
  • metal piping and corners
  • upgraded handle


Cabinet Configuration Sound Characteristics
2x12 Combo Full Bass and mids, crisp treble
1x12 Combo Warm bass, full mids, smooth treble
2x10 Combo Tight bass, high mids, bright treble
Head  All tbe rock, no bulk
2x12 Extension Cabinet Full bass and mids, crisp treble
2x10 Extension Cabinet Tight bass, high mids, crisp treble


Distressed finish: No Charge

The Custom Series finishes are durable and can withstand all the abuse of gigging night after night. Waterproof so you don’t even need a coaster.



  • Carroll Blue
  • Chopper Copper
  • Old Gold
  • TV Gold
  • Surf Green
  • Benjamin Green
  • Sky Blue
  • Copperhead
  • Russett Red

 Custom Series TV Gold





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