Signature Series

With a more traditional shape than the Archetype Series, the Signature Series amplifiers reflect our proud tradition of meticulous woodworking. They are constructed using dove-tailed joinery, with select exotic and domestic hardwoods that rotate in and out of stock depending on availability. These amplifiers produce 7 watts of "Class A" output power. Lightweight, portable and strikingly beautiful, these amplifiers look as good on stage as they do in your home or studio.


7-piece bubinga cabinet with spalted bubinga trimCherry with walnut trim, 2x10 combo


  Cabinet Configuration Sound Characteristics

2x12 Combo

Full bass, full mids, crisp trebles

1x12 Combo

Warm and smooth

2x10 Combo

Tight bass, high mids, crisp trebles



2x12 Extension Cabinet

Full bass, full mids, crisp trebles

2x10 Extension Cabinet

Tight bass, high mids, crisp trebles


All Signature Series models are available in

Standard Three Piece Constructions




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