Stephen J. Campbell and Scott D. Campbell

Steve and Scott Campbell first began building things alongside their dad, who ran a summer camp that was forever being expanded and renovated.  Although both earned liberal arts degrees, they have always been artists and craftsmen at heart.  Steve has worked in set design, art conservation, and photography, and he is always learning what he can about other trades, be it stained glass or ironsmithing. Since 1993, Scott’s artistic leanings have been focused primarily on his work as a luthier, building and repairing guitars for local music stores.  Both brothers play the guitar and sing, and have performed together from time to time. 

Steve and Scott have a combined woodworking experience of more than 32 years and have worked together building high-end cabinetry and furniture for more than a decade. They opened their own shop, Trillium Cabinet Company, in 1999.  Even though custom cabinetry has kept them busy, they’ve never stopped loving music, and it was inevitable that they would eventually combine their interests in fine woodworking and music.  The result? 

Trillium Amplifier Company





Trillium Amplifier Company
4357 W. 96th St.
Indianapolis, IN  46268


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