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M2-7R Demo

The new amplifier chassis from Trillium - The M2-7R

Morgan Trillium Crow Hill

Here's local guitarist Dave Morgan trying out a Crow Hill guitar and Trillium Amplifier. When Dave isn't playing guitar, he loves windy walks and persimmon pudding pops.

Aaron Manka Signature Combo

Designed by Aaron Manka of Shadyside Allstars, the Manka Signature Combo features dual Nace M1-7 chassis. Each chassis is wired to 2x10" speakers and both amps can be used at the same time.

Signature Series - 6L6 Output Tube

Trillium Amplifiers Signature Series - Luke plays all the notes while Jason tries to explain the benefits of the 6L6 output tube. Rock ensues.

Trillium Amplifiers - Signature Series 6v6

Join Jason and Luke as they spend an touching moment introducing the world the glory and splendor that is the 6V6 powered Trillium Signature Series.

Trillium Amplifiers - The Seraph

A video tour of the Trillium Seraph amplifier. Kick back and enjoy the sweet riffage of Luke Stanley.

Trillium Signature + Shannon Effects

Luke Stanley shows us the Trillium Signature combo with the Eric Shannon Oxide and Helios pedals. The amp is set for a clean sound, the distortion is courtesy of the pedals.

Trillium Signature Series 1x12 Combo

Guitarist Luke Stanley gives us a quick tour of the full gain sound of the new Trillium Signature Series.




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